Amanda Annan

Ethnic Model, Actress and Host

Amanda Annan was born into a family of intellectuals, politicians and diplomats. However, at the age of 16 she decided to choose a totally different path and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Long. Within a year Amanda had been dead hunted by the top makeup artist Susie Sollis. Susie persuaded Amanda to put her acting career on hold and introduced her to an agent at the world famous Unique Model Management agency. Within two weeks Amanda was shooting her first campaign for Vidal Sassoon. This campaign was distinctive because it was the introduction of Vidal Sassoon products to the ethnic populace. Even at the start of her career Amanda was break down barriers as an ethnic model. Shoots and runway assignments in London, Paris, Milan and New York followed.

Upon her arrival in New York, she decided to take a childhood passion of hers seriously for the first time and enrolled in the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Serious and dedicated she decided to remain with the program full time for the entire two years. Being on the Strasberg stage was incredibly scary but also tremendously exciting and gave her a sense of fulfillment that she had never experienced before. With a combination of fear, trepidation and bravery she began auditioning for acting roles. Her first two theatre gigs were comedies. The fist one was "Where's my money" written by John Patrick Shanely and the second one, "Sally and Marsha" starred her as an anxiety - ridden bipolar upper west side mom. She returned to her native London and quickly found an agent, the highly regards Emma Bloomfield whose clients include Alan Dale (Bradford Meade on Ugly Betty). She quickly acquired work in television including the legendary Eastenders (BBC1). Her first foray into film was A-Z, a production of the London Shakespeare Group, shot on the streets of London. Amanda Annan got an opportunity to role play because she played the role of a casting director. Six films followed including Belief in which she co starred with Colette Redgrave of the famous Redgrave clan. Her director Michael Ferguson has directed many successful TV series, including Eastenders and Casualty. Rag Tag which she completed in 2006 was screened at both the Venice and Cannes film festivals. A sophisticated world traveler she is conversant in Greek (resided there for two years while shooting a TV series) as well as Italian. She is an athlete, a singer and devotee of Yoga.

Amanda Annan is actively involved with CAMFED, which raises money to educate underprivileged African girls, also she raises money for the AFC (African Film Commission) - an organization that develops international understanding and unity among all people through African arts, by sponsoring inter-cultural exchanges and educational activities.

Amanda is a warm, caring and enlightened individual that is assertive and very motivated. She is a great believer in people maximizing their full potential. She hopes that her sincere concern for others manifests itself in her work as well as her life.

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